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Do You Really Need a Click and Reveal Interaction in your E-Learning Course?

I may have a small special hatred for click and reveal interactions. It’s easy to look at a page and say, “Hey! I want to make this more interactive! Let me add in a click and reveal real quick.” It’s lazy course design, is what that is. (Sorry y’all, but to be fair, I’m totally guilty of it too).

That doesn’t mean that click and reveals don’t have their place. I made a little flowchart just for you so you know when to use them, and when to find a better interaction.

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Remember the Human

The self-proclaimed front page of the internet, reddit, released their core values this month. Their top value? Remember the human.  reddit is where people go to post funny cats, get fashion advice, and tell stories. But the comment sections, at times, also contain the cesspit of humanity, so redditors needed a little reminder to remember the human at the other end of the keyboard.

#EmpathyCards exploded on my Twitter feed this past month as well. They are a beautiful set of cards created by Emily McDowell, a new take on “get well” cards, especially when there’s a chance that the recipient might not ever get better.

What do these things have to do with e-learning? I’m getting there, don’t worry.

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You Know You’re an E-Learning Developer When…

Alright so, hopefully you know that you’re an e-learning developer the moment you start making e-learning. But there are some…qualities…to our job that make it extra special.

All gifs are from Despicable Me!

1. When you hear the words, “make it interactive by making them click on these 30 words for more information, that will help them learn!”


Yes because that is what is going to get learner’s attention.

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A Day in the Life of an E-Learning Developer

Today I’m sitting on the patio of my ocean-view hotel room, sipping coffee from the Keurig machine, and in this part of my 3-part clause, I would have said something like “and capturing the occasional glimpse of lights flashing on the Santa Monica pier’s ferris wheel,” but for whatever inexplicable reason, it’s off for the first time since I got here.

This is not how I start most of my days. In fact, I have never started a day like this in my life. I’ve never been in Santa Monica before, and I’ve never even had an ocean front hotel room. But it’s the day I’m going to tell you about.

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Free E-Learning Storyboard Download

Hey look! A free thing! WOO! I created this storyboard with a few things in mind.

  • Complexity – People needed to be able to read it, but without getting directions wrong. I added a lot of room for details.
  • Articulate Storyline – I created this with Articulate Storyline in my head, but I’m sure it can be changed to fit other authoring tools.
  • Customizable – you may still need to add things like the client name, perhaps an overall project title, etc.

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