Browse Month: January 2017

Are you prepared for the workforce of the future? And I don’t mean college graduates.

Cory is a tractor-truck driver. As a child, he was always fascinated by the rumbling 18-wheelers that dominated the highway behind his home. He counted giant headlights rather than sheep at bedtime.

Cory is grown up now, and the bills are piling up while his wife’s belly grows with their first-born. Cory’s dream isn’t as a truck driver, despite his childhood fascination, but he agrees to meet his friend who works at a local trucking service over a drink one evening. Truck driving can’t be that bad.

“I know the job isn’t ideal. It is secure though, people will always need goods delivered. Plus it pays alright,” his friend says as he takes the receipt out of Cory’s hands.

“This one is on me, especially if you’ll come down for an interview. We are in desperate need for folks. We will even pay for your license.”

Ten years later, Cory’s once secure job is at risk. Not because his friend was wrong, indeed, goods will always need to be delivered, but because of automation. Continue Reading