ID Skill Building: Effective Business Writing

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be featured on Kris Anthony’s new wonderful Instructional Design podcast, Dear Instructional Designer. I did want to give you a mini taste of one thing that I talked about: the important skill of business communication.

As instructional designers, we are constantly interacting with clients, SMEs, stakeholders, you name it. One of the skills I’m constantly working on, and admittedly proud of, is effective business writing. A few years ago, one of my bosses handed me a booklet on effective business emails and writing and it rocked my life. People not only started responding quicker and more in line with my needs, but actually complimenting my actual emails. Look!

Good email

Unfortunately, I’m not able to share the actual booklet he gave me – but here are a couple of great resources to get you started:

What other resources do you recommend for learning better business writing?