How One Training Leader Changed Revamped Her Training Department

In my previous post, I mentioned that a training director revamped her entire department based on another post I made. I asked her to share how she changed it, and if it would be okay to share on my blog.

I absolutely love bringing out the best and seeing the positive changes in others through learning and development. However, I believe I became too focused on the business results than on my learners. So your article served as an aha moment for me.

First, the best way I discovered to create a learner centered environment was by focusing on positive relationships. Something clicked in my head after reading your article which was, “Rosell, STOP OVERWHELMING THE GROUP!” Sometimes it’s challenging not to throw all the information I have at a learner, but as I have found, they cannot retain it all at once. We switched to a broader view with a stronger focus on resources, and it seemed to have made a huge impact in the classroom dynamics, with less stress, more interest in other aspects of the training as they grasped the basic material, and the learners seemed more open to asking questions and initiating their own learning process.

Second, I identified and acknowledged their learning styles. It’s difficult to do this individually but there were learners who didn’t like activity-based learning or role play activities. But others liked those activities. So what did I do? I l allowed some of them to observe and if others felt like joining, they were more than welcome.

By focusing on their learning preferences/backgrounds and abilities, I was able to custom tailor the course to meet their needs and appeal to their preferred learning methods, so that they achieved the best possible outcome.

Inevitably, by solely focusing on the needs of the group, the business results took on a life of their own. Awesome stuff!

I always find it interesting how people revamp or change the way they were doing something – or their process from building from the ground up. Have you ever had to change a process significantly? How did you do it?