Frivolous Thinking and Finding the Perfect Laptop Bag

I’ve thought a lot about bags lately. Specifically, a work bag that will fit my monstrosity of a laptop. Apparently I am picky. I can’t seem to find a bag to fit my wish list.

Rachel’s Perfect-but-Difficult-to-Find Bag Features Wish List:

  • Shoulder strap
  • Be more than just a laptop bag – like a briefcase sorta thing
  • Fit a large laptop
  • Less than $200

Actually, those are all my requirements. Those seem doable, right?

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Overcoming Social Anxiety

“Don’t worry, I’ll annoy them if I don’t hear back,” I assured my boss. I was a few short months into my new job, and attempting to get software installed.

“Can you even do that? You’re not inherently annoying,” she laughed back at me.

For most people, that comment would be forgotten by the end of the day. But it may have changed my life. Continue Reading


Starting a Blog

I am not new to blogging. But I am new to blogging about something other than my professional life. I’ve considered a personal blog for a long time, but there was always stuff holding me back (like I’m sure it’s holding you back, too).

My huge list of reasons:

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Things Are Changing – New Site Announcement

For some time I have wanted to have my own personal blog type of thing. And, selfishly, I LOVE my domain. OhThatRachel.com? How awesome is that. Seriously.

Plus, OhThatRachel.com sounds like more of a personal blog than an instructional design blog anyways.

So, I finally did it. OhThatRachel.com has now been transferred to ecoursery.com! It’s the exact same, just a new name.

E-learning and instructional design friends, please update your bookmarks – I will be slowly transitioning this into my personal blog.

Though you’re welcome to stick around. I’d love to have you.

<3 – Rachel

Note: I will not be deleting posts, but I will be slowly hiding them from this site.

"Wait! Where did your e-learning and instructional design stuff go??" - to ecoursery.com!